Computer use and Neck pain.

When we sit for extended periods at a computer neck pain and headaches are common. These symptoms are worsened with the use of a lap top due to the increased hunching over that is caused by the proximity of the screen to the keypad.

Being aware of posture while sitting at the  computer is  the best prevention of the strain on the neck. Sitting with the lower back supported with a cushion etc. etc.

Ideal typing poistion

How to avoid pain from using a PC

2 thoughts on “Computer use and Neck pain.

  1. Charlie Williams

    I like to sit on a Swiss ball when I’m on the computer, my chiro told me it was good ‘cos it makes you sit up straight.

    • Catherine stephens

      After 30 minutes of Swiss ball sitting your stability muscles will fatigue, so you’ll need to stand up, walk around and start again! In other words its OK but not great for extended periods.

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