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Skiing injury prevention program!

If you are a budding skier then you have probably experienced the frustration of getting injured early in a skiing holiday and missing out on enjoying the rest of your time at the snow. After all that expense, the last thing you need is to be injured!!

The following series of informational videos provides a step by step exercise program designed to improve your skiing specific strength, power and stability. Most importantly, the following exercises will not only help to prevent injury, but will maximise your performance on skis!

Please enjoy the following exercises and always practice caution when learning something new! We’d love to hear how you managed with the program so please, comment below!






Post by Catherine Stephens (B.App.Sc – Physiotherapy)


End stage ankle rehabilitation – reduce your risk of re-injury!

Ankle injury

Ankle “inversion” injuries or “rolled ankles” are one of the most common sporting injuries.

Unfortunately, people who experience this injury often return to sport too soon without completing an appropriate rehabilitation program, only to re-injure themselves.

The following video demonstrates some important exercises that will allow you to maximise your ankle rehabilitation and dramatically reduce the chances of re-injury!



Post by Catherine Stephens (B.App.Sc – Physiotherapy)