The Pilates reformer, an exciting fun way to improve core strength and flexibility!

New Pilates Reformer at Northern beaches physiotherapy

reformer 1

Joseph Pilates, the creator of the ‘Pilates’ designed the ‘Reformer’ to focus on strengthening muscles to ensure the maintenance of symmetrical movement, optimal posture and reduce the risk of injury while improving the performance of the human body.

The reformer offers an exciting way to improve the coordination of muscle function to protect against injury, as well as enhancing fluidity of movement, and improving muscular tone and posture. A large range of exercises can be done in a variety of positions including sitting, kneeling, standing and laying down. Every exercise can be progressed to ensure continual improvements are made.


The Reformer has a sliding platform attached with springs at one end and is moved via pushing from the foot bar or pulling from the straps at the other end. The springs offer resistance to the exercise and vary from light to heavy, depending on the users capabilities. The resistance offered by the springs reduces stress on tendons and ligaments in the body as the springs offer more resistance at the strongest point of muscle contraction, instead of at the finishing and starting point of the exercise.

We offer 1:1 physiotherapy supervised sessions on the reformer which is essential to ensure your understanding of the subtleties required to maximize the benefits of the reformer. Furthermore specific supervision and instruction is essential for correct use of this machine. The reformer is beneficial to people of all different ages, Pilates and/or reformer experience, fitness levels, conditions and goals/outcomes.

The reformer is an effective rehab tool and is very useful in the rehab and recovery from:
• Lower back conditions
• Neck/upper back conditions
• ACL reconstruction and other knee injuries
• Hip conditions

The ‘Reformer’ is not just for rehabilitation, being best used on a regular basis to maintain general strength, flexibility and core stability,

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