Commitment to the Community:

As the local community supports our practice, we believe in putting something back in return.

Other Sports:

In the early days of the practice care was also provided to a variety of different sports and clubs including Warringah Cricket Club, Dee Why Soccer Club and to the Netball at Curl Curl.

SchoolSchools: Catherine Stephens provides ad hoc educational sessions to primary school students in the Manly Warringah locality.  Here she endeavours to promote interest at an early age in the benefits of good posture and an active lifestyle.

Her fun lessons include a human skeleton that the kids have to label.

Says Catherine, “Most kids believe they are indestructable but hopefully our lessons make them a little more aware and encourage them to take care of their bodies as they grow.”

CathMaryAdjustSmlAged Care: The Clinic team has watched many patients age gracefully over the past quarter century and continue to provide active care through Seniors Classes.

In Catherine’s words: “The most satisfying aspect of our work here is in endeavouring to maintain enthusiasm for all of our patients for an active and pain free existence.  Its good to know that we make a difference.”

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