Your First Appointment

Making an appointment?

Our appointments are 30 minutes duration.

We usually will have an appointment available with one of our physios within 24 hours or sooner. However, if you request a particular therapist, it may be necessary to see another therapist and then transfer to your chosen therapist for follow up appointments. We have verbal and written communication between therapists to ensure a continuation of care in this situation.

Do you need a doctors referral?

No, Physiotherapists registered in Australia are qualified to asses and treat musculoskeletal conditions and refer on to Doctors for further investigation where needed.

What to bring and Wear?

Our Physio’s are going to assess your movement so wear clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable. We do have hospital gowns and shorts available if we feel we need you to disrobe to maintain dignity during assessment and treatment.

Please bring all x-ray and results relevant to the condition, even if they are quite old. It is useful to see the history of change evident in X-rays. This includes ultrasound results, bone scans, and bone density studies.

Recent blood tests may be helpful too.


We respect your time and endeavour to run to time. We ask you to arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment so Jen can have all the necessary paperwork completed prior to the appointment beginning.

We apologise if we do run a little late but there are times when one patient takes longer due to complications.

Our policy is to call you as soon as we are aware we are running late so you can adjust your day accordingly.

Your First appointment

We will sit and talk with you initially to gain an understanding of your problem and the circumstances of the pain or dysfunction developing. This is essential to treating any condition correctly. We like to be informal and friendly, avoiding medical terminology unless it is well understood.

We encourage questions from you at all stages of assessment and treatment. We believe your understanding is essential to treatment success and compliance with home programs.

Within the first appointment we hope to establish a diagnosis and apply some chosen treatment technique, and if indicated, prescribe an appropriate exercise. It may be that the home program involves avoidance of aggravating activities and postures, this is as important as a good exercise program in some instances.

At the completion of your first appointment we hope you have an understanding of the process of treatment the therapist has selected.

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    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Absolutely, please give us a call or send us an email with your phone number and we will give you a call to arrange a session with Ari.

      Warm regards

      Northern Beaches Physio
      834 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099
      (02) 9971 2185

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