Paediatric Physiotherapy:

Peggy FisherIt is essential to have children’s problems assessed by a professional with a wealth of experience in kids and their own problems.

Peggy Fisher has a lifetime of experience in paediatrics having worked with special needs kids at the Fisher Road Special School for over twenty years.

 The practice has been especially equipped with large open spaces so the little ones can receive treatment with mum close-by, under the guise of play, which is most effective environment for professional appraisal and treatment.

Paediatric pysiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy can help if you have concerns regarding your child’s:

  • Head preference and plagiocephaly, torticollis
  • Posture (sway back, winging shoulders)
  • Movement or coordination (difficulty holding a pen learning to write)
  • Balance in play
  • Gross motor skills
  • Delay in achieving gross motor milestones

Peggy will be able to show you how to appropriately stimulate your child and where necessary provide ongoing treatment to enhance your child’s movement confidence.

Paediatric pysiotherapy

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