Cath AssessOur physiotherapy services use level one evidence-based assessment and treatment with patient education of conditions to maximise benefit.

Starting with visual assessment and specific movement analysis we use a very hands on approach to the body. We pride ourselves on the information we gather by feeling joint movement, movement quality and movement control (or lack there of). To regain movement function and so relieve pain it is essential to establish if stiffness or excess mobility is the problem, along with balance and strength.

We use a hands-on approach to therapy in preference to machines, preferring deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation and exercise as treatments of choice.

CathHandsOnCloseHowever ultrasound, laser and interferential therapy are available in situations where pain relief is necessary prior to the application of manual therapy techniques.

Exercises are prescribed with a view to total body balance and correct posture. Our physiotherapists have good knowledge of core stability through our Pilates training and apply this knowledge to our physiotherapy treatment.

CathArmStretchWe have a large exercise room used for the assessment of injuries and prescription of exercises, sometimes using Swiss balls and other exercise equipment available.

Our areas of special interest physiotherapy include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Postural dysfunction, including poor abdominal posture!
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Back pain both acute and chronic
  • Pelvic instability
  • Pre and Post Natal Care
  • Musculoskeletal problems associated with pregnancy
  • Shoulder Rotator Cuff impingement and tears
  • Arthritic pain throughout the body
  • Osteoarthritis physio
  • Achilles tendosis
  • Patella tendinosis
  • Knee Rehabilitation
  • Tennis and golfers elbow
  • Retro patellar pain ( Chondromalacia patellae)
  • Plantar Fasciosis ( “Heel spurs”)using biomechanical correction, intrinsic foot strengthening, night splints and orthotics
  • Chest Physiotherapy for assisting removal of pulmonary secretions
  • Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Preventative strengthening for Osteoporosis patients through weight training and balance
  • Dry Needling
  • Womens Health
  • Mens Health
  • Casting

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